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On April 16, 2019 the Nezperce Garden Club hosted a Botancial Jewelry Program presented by Joyce DiGiovanni at the Lewiston Library (This was a free program that was open to the public.)

 On June 16, 2015 the Nezperce Garden Club met at Memorial Park in Nezperce for a barbecue and meeting.  We had to guests that attended and became members. 

Our new club officers for the 2015-2016 term are:  Lorna Inglet; President, Lorena Thompson; Vice President, and LeeAnn McMaster; Secretary & Treasurer.

The Rose Buds Junior Garden Club joined the Nezperce Garden Club at the barbecue after their meeting.              The club members were finishing their terrariums.  They glued two glasses together, put pebbles at the bottom  topped with soil with planted succulents.

On February 18, 2014 the Nezperce Garden Club met at Nezperce Community Center in Nezperce for our monthly meeting.  Peggy Wright of Back Street Treasures in Grangeville presented a program on different types of tea and a tea party.

On January 21, 2014 the Nezperce Garden Club met at A-1 Flowers and More in Cottonwood for our monthly meeting. Susan Dawn Fischer of Susan's Flower Art in Elk City presented a program on how to press flowers and made our own bookmarks, cards or wall hangings. We each made a bookmark to bring home.

Members of the Nezperce Garden Club meet on December 17, 2013 for it's annual Christmas Party & Gift exchange at Trestle Brewing Company in Ferdinand.

Members of the Nezperce Garden Club meet on November 19, 2013 to make Christmas wreaths. Later the same day the Rose Buds Junior Garden Club meet and learned how to make wreaths and each took one home. The junior garden club made two extra wreaths and gave one to a person in Nezperce and the other to the Nezperce Senior Center.

The October15, 2013 club meeting was held at the home of Tori Zenner.  Tori presented a program on 'Processing Your Garden Vegetables.'                

Tori made her famous Marinara Sauce and spaghetti.  

The September 17, 2013 Program by

Joyce DiGiovanni on 'Botanical Jewelry' and flower Show information.

The June 18, 2013 club meeting was held at the home of Millie Wimer.  Millie presented a program on How to Design and Build your own Backyard Pond.  After Millie's program we took a tour of her lovely garden.

Installation of newly elected club officers on June 18, 2013 at Millie Wimer's home.

The May 14, 2013 garden club meeting was held at the

Mary Ann Kuther's home.     

Meryl Flocchini of   Two Ravens Herbls, LLC

presented a program on

'Cooking With Foraged Herbs'.

If you would like to learn more about Meryl go to:   

The April 16, 2013 garden club meeting was held at the Nezperce Community Center.   Lorna Inglet presented a program on 'Weeds to Harvest'. 


The March 19, 2013 garden club meeting was held at Mary Ann Kuther's home.   

Jerry Cebula with the Canyon Birders of Lewiston presented a program on birds of our area through pictures that he has taken while bird watching.

(The club was happy to have the members of the Junior Garden Club, The Rose Buds sit in and enjoyed Jerry's program on Birds.)

The February 19, 2013 garden club meeting was held at Nezperce Community Center.  We started with a Sweet Friends Luncheon at 12:30 that all club members were encouraged to bring a friend too.   After lunch club members Deborah Wassmuth and Lorna Inglet presented a program on birds.  

Door prize won by Deborah Wassmuth at the clubs January 15, 2013 meeting held at A-1 Flowers & More.  The door prize was made by Monica Nuxoll owner the lovely flower shop.

Nezperce Garden Club Christmas party and gift exchange was held on December 18, 2012 at Seasons Restaurant in Grangeville.

Nezperce Garden Club Christmas wreath making.

Mark Turner of the National Weather Service Station in Spokane beginning his program. Mark spoke to us about our weather and how it affects our crops and us. Mark is holding a rain gage that he is going to give away to the person that can answer one of a number of questions correctly and if it is a tie, he has another rain gage to give away. The rain gage will be given away at the end of the program.





































































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