2018  Good Neighbor Award Winner

for a Flower Garden

The purpose of the Good Neighbor Award contest is to recognize home and business gardens for the special beauty they add to the community. The winner receives a Certificate suitable for framing from the Nezperce Garden Club.  A sign for either floral or vegetable garden is placed in the winning gardens.  Rosalea Figgins received the Good Neighbor Award for her flower garden on July 8, 2018. 

Rosalea loves working in her garden and has a creative sense of style that allows her to beautifully landscape her yard.   Stone terraces around the front and sides of her home are truly impressive.   Lovely shade trees adorn one side of her yard that create a safe haven for the birds.  

At first glance your see numerous gorgeous flowers and lawn ornaments throughout her property.  Rosalea enjoys decorating her yard with unique treasures that she finds at second hand stores.  Antique sinks and a bath tub filled with assorted flowers add beauty to the front of her home.  Several antique wheelbarrows are displayed with vibrantly colored flowers planted in them. Large metal flowers made from horseshoes are painted colors of the rainbow and are hung on the fence in an enclosed back yard. 

As you drive by her home you will find two new additions to her garden.  One is more noticeable than the other.   The first is a six foot high rooster on her front lawn.  The color of her home enhances the rooster’s vibrantly painted feathers making it very pleasing to the eye.  The second addition is a water fountain that she creatively converted into a planter dripping with a kaleidoscope of color. 

She wanted to follow in the footsteps of her grandma Reba Figgins by starting a rose garden of her own.  She hesitated due to the clay content of the soil.  She put down a foot of compost and went ahead and planted 32 roses.  This is their 3rd year and they seem to be thriving.  Her magnificent flower garden matches her dazzling personality and her nickname of Rose.

But if you are young at heart you will find in the midst of flowers, a wonderland filled with something for everyone.  Every little boy will enjoy seeing the small villages of dinosaurs, snakes, frogs, lizards and insects.  Every little girl will love the villages of rabbits, swans, ducks, pigs, and Disney characters. 

One pathway starting from the front porch leads to hidden sections of the garden that make you feel as though you are at Disneyland.   Rosalea has done a marvelous job of making the town of Nezperce a truly beautiful place to live.  

The Nezperce Garden Club would like to thank all nominees for allowing the judges to walk through their yards to look at their gardens. Also we would like to give a special thanks to all three judges, for doing such a wonderful job of picking out our Good Neighbor Award winners this year.

Article submitted by LeeAnn McMaster

2018 Good Neighbor Award Winner         for a Vegetable Garden

The Nezperce Garden Club’s Good Neighbor Award recognizes home and business gardens that add special beauty to our community.  This year’s recipients of the Good Neighbor Award for their vegetable garden are Rick and Lynette Schlader.

At first glance you see a beautiful crimson colored clematis climbing a handmade trellis that leads to a garden with raised beds teeming with herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Their raspberries and strawberries flourish within a caged barrier to keep out birds and any other unwanted creatures that might want a delicious and nutritious snack. 

Each year Rick and Lynette start working on their garden in a greenhouse that they have designed and built together. They have been perfecting their gardening skills over the last twenty years to come up with this award winning masterpiece. They generously share their bounty with friends, neighbors, and the local food pantry since they always grow more than they can use.

 The garden is well maintained and looks fantastic.  After a hard day’s work Rick and Lynette enjoy the fruits of their labor by relaxing on their back deck, taking in the picturesque view of their garden.

The Nezperce Garden Club would like to thank all three judges for doing such a wonderful job of selecting our Good Neighbor Award winners this year.

Submitted by LeeAnn McMaster















































































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